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Shannon Watts,
Founder & President - Shannon's Scent Shop


Hey Guys!

I'm Shannon, Owner & Creator of Shannon's Scents, a soy wax-based candle company.

I have always loved putting events together and watching everyone around me have a good time! Danielle and I were roommates after college. We were not strangers to working together where events were concerned. In college, we worked with a group promoting at one of the popular night clubs in our neighborhood.
Our love for events led us to collaborating and we even had more parties at our house. We decided, why not turn this into a business! We began taking event certification courses, driving around our town and the surrounding towns collecting our data for the venues in the area. We started planning our business. However, life had other plans for me.

After becoming a wife, mother, and homeowner (with a dog), I decided to start making candles as a hobby. I realized there was more of a need for candles besides just pleasing my olfactory senses. I started giving them out to friends as gifts. Hearing how my fragrances filled up their spaces and put a smile on their faces was a joy! My husband and I decided to create Shannon’s Scents.

I consider myself to be a “forever student” as I’m always looking to learn something new about business and fragrances. I have a bachelor’s degree in Management Science from Kean University. I've recently obtained my certification as a Fragrance Consultant from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences, and I am currently working towards my master’s degree in Digital Marketing.

While my interests have broadened a bit, I still love participating in events! When there's a Danie Marie Event going on, you may see me there assisting in set up, find my candles as favors/centerpieces or maybe you may come across one of my centerpiece creations, the shoehawk!

Simply put, in whatever capacity it is, when Shannon's Scents and Danie Marie Events get together, it's bound to be a success!

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